(Other Worlds)

“Altri Mondi” is a projection of our own necessity to discover the unknown through the research of a parallel dimension, unrevealed to the human eye, intangible and hidden, it’s the exploration of the human mind through the need of knowing the unknown by a vision.
The dimension is psychedelic and, apparently, far from everyday reality which we all know and that is bringing us toward a sense of home, a “Home” which is far away but, anyway present: it makes us feel like isolated souls, lost passengers yet heading to a destination, a real and reachable place.
“Altri Mondi” allow us to cross the threshold and to “see” what is normally only perceived, what is hidden behind the veil of reality: an alternative reality which is as much as real than the one we live in every day and which is coincident with that world where every soul enters in the night and after death.